A Helpful Guide to configure Cryptohopper (Start your FREE Trail now)

Cryptohopper has been updated so keep in mind that not everything listed here is up to date with the latest version!


There’s no magical formula and as long as your base currency is highly volatile you’re gonna experience hard times trading with a bot. I do advice NOT to use the bot during times like these. The last weeks (beginning of May 2018 till now, 30 May 2018) have been really rough), if you wanna start bot-trading I recommend to wait till BTC is steadily going upwards at a slow pace before entering! Don’t blame me or Cryptohopper if you ignore this warning!

Trading bot frustration?
 A lot of people end up frustrated because their entry in bot trading didn’t go as smooth as they anticipated. But it’s…

Are you battling with your hopper config?

PART 1: Things to consider

Before starting I’d like to point out that this is not intended as investment advice but an informational guide based on my own experience and observations using this bot for about 6 months. It’s opinionated and only representative of my personal views.

Rather than just give you exact settings (fish), which are meaningless as they depend on the current market situation, I’ll give you some insights to how to make the right choices (learn to fish). If I share specific settings and the market turns you’d be lost and load up on bags.

However, in the end, I’ll share some specific strategies, with settings to get you started.

A warning it’s a long article.

1. Picking the right hopper

The first thing you should do is think carefully about which hopper you want to use because it has an impact on the strategy you will be following

As you can see the buying interval varies among versions. So this already affects your bot’s performance when doing TA. Another thing is the number of coins and positions you can have. Though positions are not that much of a problem, the amount of coins is quite limited on the Bunny.

My suggestion is to go at least with a Hare and if your budget allows for it a Kangaroo for optimal results and efficiency although in most cases Hare is good enough.

2. Picking the right exchange

I personally only tested Bittrex, Kucoin and Binance and my personal preference is Binance because of low fees and high volume. Bittrex has more signals but I have had better results with Binance. I didn’t like the Kucoin template because there are still errors in it, e.g. graphs are not set to use TradingView this didn’t fit well with my modus operandi. I can’t comment on Poloniex or the other exchanges since I haven’t used those. (Yes I told you it was gonna be opinionated)

I like the low fees of Binance when you allocate an amount of BNB to pay for the transaction fees (enable this option on Binance and put some BNB that you don’t trade with into your account). The low fees make it possible to be profitable even with small % gains and the high volume ensures your sells execute quickly.

The dust problem (partial coin left-overs) is fixed now:

3. Picking the right base currency

I only traded with USDT and BTC pairs so I won’t comment on trading vs BNB or ETH or any other combination. The only reason to not set BTC as base currency is if don’t believe BTC will gain in value or if you are very risk-averse. I believe in BTC if not I wouldn’t be in crypto in the first place. So for me, the long-term goal is to acquire more BTC not to get more USD value. If BTC will rise USD value will follow.

However note in the event that btc moves upwards quickly you’re gonna get red bags!

There is this view that USDT pairing is better for beginners because that way they avoid the volatility of BTC as the base currency. However, you can turn the live bot off to mimic buying & selling while you observe your strategy and thus avoid risk while tinkering with your config even when you use BTC as the base currency. Of course, once live the volatility problem remains so it all comes down to your personal preference. As this is about my experience I will discuss BTC pairing.

If you don’t like risk go with USDT if you don’t mind periods of bag holding while acquiring more BTC stick with BTC.

(Note the output doesn’t show in trade history only in the output).

In a downtrend moving to USDT might be a good temporary solution but during an uptrend or sideways movement, BTC as base currency is better as you can profit from more coin pairs and increase your amount of BTC. In an uptrend, you’ll get stuck temporarily with red positions because BTC gained in value and people tend to move from alts to BTC. But eventually you just hodl and it will recover.

4. Picking the right method

Yes, it’s that simple! If you’re not familiar with the technical analysis you should either dive into it and learn the basics or stay away from it. It’s not sufficient to thinker with backtesting to pick a good TA strategy. Also working strategies in the past are not guaranteed to work in the future! So working with TA requires you to adjust your strategies depending on the market conditions.Trading crypto for beginners
 Trading cryptocurrency for some people it’s like offering them a book in a language they can’t read and asking them to…

Which signals?

Warning! Be careful with free signals they can be pump and dump signals just meant to offload their bags onto you

Coin pulse(alpha) should IMHO be avoided I never had any success with their signals. (personal opinion, DYOR).

My favourite ones are MiningHamster signals ($6/month) and Cryptogrower ($5/month).

MiningHamster signals appear to be volume/price driven. These signals are usually short term. Cryptogrower seems to be more TA driven and is a bit slower in other words their signals usually take a bit more time to become profitable.

Crypto Quality Signals is also good it’s a free service provided by José Carlos Silva who’s a very active member of the community, always ready to help newcomers to the platform. He will be also launching a premium paid signaller soon. Keep an eye on it.

You get what you pay for. My paid signals have always been of better quality than the free signals. Of course, there are moments even paid signals fail, not all signals turn into gold. Also, sudden drops or climbs in BTC value can totally destroy your trades. That’s something we can address when setting up triggers, but more about that in part 2.

I personally use both signals and TA.

But let me give you a warning here: “Avoid using Signals in a downtrending market at all costs!

5. Picking the right strategy

This largely depends on your personality and the market conditions. Given the returns in crypto over the years, long-term is probably the best strategy. Less stressful, long-term gains and you can configure your bot to do just that. Enter whenever RSI (that’s not repetitive strain injury!) is low and exit when it’s high on the daily or weekly candles. If this last sentence sounds like Chinese to you stick with signalsTrading crypto for beginners
 Trading cryptocurrency for some people it’s like offering them a book in a language they can’t read and asking them to…

You can set your bot up to do this, however, do you really need a bot for this if you’re trading long term? You could just do this manually since you’re not constantly trading. Well, that’s how I see it. I don’t think it’s worthwhile spending $99/month on a bot if all you intend to do is place 5 or 6 trades every 2 to 3 months.

Cryptohopper is ideal for swing trading and day trading, in other words, short-term trading. It can scan the market for opportunities and execute lots of trades daily to take advantage of short time ups and downs. Compared to the stock market crypto tends to move more aggressively making it ideal for short-term trading.

PART 2: Setting it all up

So once you have decided on which type of bot, which exchange, which method and which strategy it’s time to do your configuration.

I personally prefer not to hold long onto positions and sell quickly. When your dealing with signals that’s not much of a problem as they tend to turn green relatively quickly.

So let’s tackle this one by one

1. Signals

As stated earlier these two: MiningHamster signals ($6/month) and Cryptogrower ($5/month) were my favourite signals. I must say Crypto Quality Signals did a better job since I started using them so I might let go of some of these signallers in the future. Actually Mininghamster has been pretty quiet for Binance lately. As of now Crypto Quality Signalshas become my FAVORITE signaller, very much so that I have decided to also go for their premium signals.

“Crypto Quality Signals Premiumhas been launched you can find it at the bottom of the signallers page since it’s fairly new it has no performance records yet but you can look at the free service to get an idea.

Crypto Quality Signals Premium”

As you can see each signaller has it’s own “Configure” settings.

You can use “Market order” because this allows the signal to be bought immediately at the current market price. But there’s always risk with market orders as you are never sure about the price you’ll pay. If you don’t want to place market orders and avoid the risk of market orders you could set a “Percentage higher bid” to a small % like 0.5% for example. This would ensure your limit order gets executed. If the market price is lower you’d still pay the market price but if the price went up by let’s say 0.4% for example it still executes your order and if the market would rise super fast (pump and dump) you’ll not be stuck buying the top of the pump unlike with a market order.

My latest configuration is to set “Percentage profit” for signals directly in the configuration part of the signals so I can run one TA strategy and have a low “Percentage profit” for TA buys and a high for signals. But more about this later.

Also keep in mind if you set “Percentage profit” here it will overwrite your baseconfig setting.

Currently not many signallers offer sell signals. For now I’m aware that Crypto Quality Signals offers this. This is good but be aware that the signals are not selective to the signaller. So if your signaller bought ETH and your TA did the same but at a different time both will be sold even if the latter is at a loss. So I’d advice to only use this feature if you only use signals but no TA and if you use 1 position per coin.

Currently this “sell signal” feature has been disabled because it was not specific enough and would also sell of coin not bought in the buy range or from another source than the signaller.

Allow all coins” ensures you’re in on all signals but this also means you potentially buy what people refer to (pardon the expression) as shit-coins. Since I don’t hold long term I don’t worry too much about it. If you keep your signal orders small your risk is spread over many coins reducing it effectively.

Here’s a common issue and how you can avoid it


Your orders are put in, but they are not being bought.

There are several possible solutions to your problem.I will list them one by one below.

1: Use market order in the signaler configuration. This tells your hopper to try to buy latest ticker price. This should almost always result in a buy, but can result in a less profitable buy signal.

2: Use percentage higher bid in signaler configuration. Using this you make a bid slightly higher than market price. Because of this your order is more likely to be filled, but it will make the signals you receive slightly less profitable.

3: Set your ‘’user ticker rate’’ to use last tick if higher lower or use last tick. This can improve the hopper’s chances to make a buy order, but might lead to a slightly worse position.

As you see all these options lower your potential profitability, but if you don’t use any of them you will likely not make a lot of trades in the current market.

2. Config pools

I’m currently experimenting with config pools but I don’t use it in my trading. The main reason here is that it’s coin specific and it makes managing your bot harder, when you want to react quickly to a change in the market as you need to adjust each and every one.

There is an advantage to using a config pool though as it allows you to tweak your strategy to each specific coin maximising your returns.

You can also build on other people’s configurations for a specific coin by going to backtesting and picking the best config for you a coin. But note that sometimes these strategies are long term or specific to a certain time period so they might not translate well to a future time period at all.

3. Base config

As stated before I use Binance and I have my “Base currency” set to BTC.

3.1 Pick the right coins

I’m gonna give you some tips here that I haven’t seen elsewhere.How to use this little known feature of Tradingview to pick coins for your trades
 Most of you who have been trading crypto, stocks or forex are familiar with Trading View and you probably already use…

This is page describes how you can pick high volatility coins that have strong buy indicators. Ideally you would automatically populate your coins with the coins that have the best “buy” or “strong buy” behaviour.

Now this is a tedious process but someone has found a way to automate this and integrate it into Cryptohopper. All credit goes to Matteo Antoci who developed this excellent Crypto Hopper companion hence the name “CH Companion”. It’s a Chrome and Firefox extension that helps you pick the coins for your Hopper.matteoantoci/ch-companion
 ch-companion — Easily select most traded coins (24h volume) in CH config


CH-companion let’s you:

  • Pick your preferred “Exchange
  • Set your “Base currency”
  • Limit” your coins to the limit of your bot or your own limit
  • Whitelist” certain coins you really want to be included
  • “Blacklist” coins you don’t want to be included
  • set a “Min % volatility”
  • set a “Max % change”
  • And pick a “Rating filter

Important note: CH-companion is a browser extension that has direct access to your Cryptohopper configuration page. Based on my own research of the code that’s available for inspection on Github it doesn’t contain any malicious code but you should be aware of the potential risk of running extensions

To run CH-companion just open up your config page for your hopper and click on the kangaroo icon in your browser, this pops up CH-companion and you can start to enter your settings.

I set the limit to my maximum for the kangaroo hopper which is 75, I pick the oscillator rating and blacklist some coins I dislike, and add the top 15 coins as whitelisted. You could further fine tune by using the other options.

If you prefer not to use this extension have a look here:Best coins — Crypto Quality Signals
 In this page, you can see the best coins to trade on each exchange, based on our service’s statistics. These statistics…

This signalling service lists the best-coin per exchange.

3.2 Strategy

Depending on the choices you made earlier on you will set this to “No strategy, manual/external signals only” or to a “Multiple TA factors” setting

  • If you don’t intend to do TA trading just pick “No strategy, manual/external signals only”
  • If you intend to use TA, pick “Multiple TA factors” as it gives you the most flexibility.

I use the latter. From testing I believe that the combination of RSI or Stochastic RSI with Bollinger Bands offers the best combination. Stochastic RSI tends to result in more buys than RSI and combining both with Bollinger Bands reduces the amount of buys somewhat.

Another thing I have noticed is when you use Stochastic RSI this value doesn’t necessarily corresponds with the Stochastic RSI from TradingView. This has been confirmed by support. So be careful using TradingView to build your strategy.

It is important to remember that the Stoch RSI is an indicator of an indicator making it two steps away from price. RSI is one step away from price and therefore a stochastic calculation of the RSI is two steps away. This is important because as with any indicator that is multiple steps away from price, Stoch RSI can have brief disconnects from actual price movement. That being said, as a range bound indicator, the Stoch RSI’s primary function is identifying crossovers as well as overbought and oversold conditions. ( source: TradingView)

Stoch RSI will indicate more buys and can catch buying opportunities where RSI would fail but overall if you want to play safe RSI would be the way to go.

So during a strong “ALT season”, which is a period in which BTC hardly moves in either direction but mainly goes sideways, you might just go with either RSI settings or just Bollinger Bands without the combination of both to get more buys.

“However be very careful, once BTC moves significantly your alt positions are gonna turn red”

I just left that in quotes, because whichever direction BTC moves in it’s gonna affect your alt positions negatively. This doesn’t seem to make sense but in times BTC moves up, people leave alt-coins to buy BTC due to FOMO (fear of missing out), when BTC goes down people panic and also sell their alt-coins.

One thing you should know is that stochRSI is different than the one you see on Tradingview as it comes directly from the exchange or from the software library Cryptohopper is using whatever it is it’s not identical. So base your research on the chart of the exchange.

We need to build in a mechanism to catch this BTC behaviour but more on this when we discuss triggers.

3.3 Number of targets to buy

I have set this number to max 5 or even less when market conditions are not optimal. The reason for this is that you want the best coins only from your TA analysis. If you set this too high all possible buys will end up being bought. We only want the best.

3.4 Sell based on strategy

This is a tricky setting. Strategy based selling would only sell if for example the RSI value you defined indicates it’s overbought. This will be the best moment to sell for your chosen timeframe, in most of the conditions. However technical indicators are not fail-proof and positions could be sold with loss. I would only suggest to use this if you have enough experience with this bot.

Another thing is overbought conditions can last longer than expected and it’s not uncommon to see a stochastic or RSI indicator going sideways above 80 (when it actually would indicate a sell)

As you can see if we sold based on RSI strategy we would have missed the continued price increase during an entire week.

If you set a tight Percentage profit however it will overwrite the RSI strategy, in other words a sell will be triggered before the strategy reaches it’s sell condition.

If you enable trailing-stop I have also noticed that it overwritesSell based on strategy” once the “trailing-stop” is hit. On top of that you can enable “Only sell with profit” which applies to trailing-stop selling to avoid selling at a loss, but more on this later.

I enabled both “Strategy”, “Profit” and “Trailing Stop” unfortunately the “Trailing Stop” is not visible on the image here, and but you can see that “Strategy” can sell at an undesirable price. Still this can be good if let’s say the price would otherwise drop further and leave you with bags. So it’s not easy to conclude “Strategy” is good or bad as we don’t know the price movement of a coin in the future.

Personally I would disable this setting certainly if you are just starting out with the bot.

3.5 Advanced settings

I have “Advanced multiple TA settings” enabled. I believe in the KISS principle. Always keep your settings simple, the default settings for “RSI” and “Stoch RSI” are pretty good if your timeframe is not too short. It’s easier to show this visually.

As you can see we’re using a 30 minute chart here, a lower RSI value will trigger more buys (green ellipse) (& sells (red ellipse)) as the oversold and overbought levels are reached faster than with a higher setting of 14 (the default). But note these buys might not give you the minimum % needed to break even on your trade. So it’s not always a good idea to have lots of buys if they can’t be sold for a profit. So don’t set the RSI value too low, check it first on a chart or do some backtesting.

Setting your “Stoch RSI Oversold threshold” lower than 20 will select coins which are more oversold, but will generate less buys but probably more gains and less likely to go more into the red (not a guarantee).

Stoch RSI Overbought” threshold higher will delay the time of selling until the coin enters the higher overbought conditions if you use “strategy” to trigger sells.

Although it is tempting to pick a lot of indicators to get more accurate buys or sells, these indicators usually don’t happen to trigger simultaneously which makes you lose out on lots of trades. It would be nice if the bot could place a buy after a series of indicators triggered in a short term sequence but currently it doesn’t allow for this.

So don’t make too complex combinations because if you do you won’t have a single buy or sell.

3.6 Percentage profit

My strategy is to have a lot of turnover so I don’t intend to keep my buys long, the downside to this is that I miss out on some potential gains, the upside I’m less likely to be stuck with bags. In other words I keep my profits low and sell quick. That said I do use “Trailing stop” to catch some winners but more about this option later.

My “Percentage profit” is also dependent on the market. Every once in while I check the market situation and adjust this %. However with the advent of triggers you can even automate this but I’ll address this when we go over Triggers

If the market is slow for ALT coins, I put the percentage intentionally low, around 1.2% even. If the market is good for ALT coins I move it up to 3% or more.

Sometimes I use a different strategy and set the “Percentage profit” to 50% and enable trailing stop. This ensures I only use trailing stop but in the event it reaches 50% a sell order is issued. If you set “Trailing stop only” you also use trailing stop only but it completely overwrites “Percentage profit”. Of course you can set it at 5% or 20% whatever you want your upper limit to be.

Pro tip:

Using the 50% hack allows you to still set a different percent profit per coin something that’s not possible when you enable “Trailing stop only” while still having the same benefits.

For example if you click on Info next to a listed coin you can set the “Percentage profit” for a coin

This is handy if the signaller provides targets, like “Crypto Quality Signals”. You can find the targets in their telegram group. The first target is often reached so you could set it at target 1 or if you are adventurous to to target 3.

3.7 Ticker rate (I leave it as is)

Unless see higher under signals you’re running into buy issues with your signals for example.

3.8 Enable cooldown

This feature allows you to build in a “cooldown” time. Sometimes your buy criteria triggers lots of possible buys in short time period, that’s not always good, because this can be due to some news or pump, lots of buys happen but when the market corrects you’re stuck with bags. A “cooldown” makes sure your buys are more spread out in time.

Personally I don’t use this feature unless I want the bot to slow down, in that case I set it manually.

3.9 Only 1 open buy order per coin

If you’re running more than 1 signaller or also run a strategy that catches buys for a particular coin chances are you end up with lots of buy order for the same coin. This can be a positive thing if the coin does well however it also concentrates your orders on less coins increasing the risk for losses if the coin happens to turn red. So if you want only 1 buy order per coin enable this feature.

Personally I only use it when using signals to avoid multiple buys of the same coin at the same time.

3.10 Percentage lower bid/Percentage higher ask

If you want to squeeze out a better deal you can set this feature. This can give you a better entry and exit

I have used it and it does work ok so I can recommend it, but currently I’m not using it as I want my orders to execute as fast as possible.

3.11 Arbitrage (Kangaroo)

I haven’t had a single successful “Arbitrage” order in 6 months so I turn it off as it unnecessarily slows the bot down. Arbitrage simply means trading between pairs if there’s a significant prize difference. For example EOS/ETH trades at $19 and EOS/BTC trades at $19.5, the bot could buy at $19 via the EOS/ETH pair and sell at $19.5 via the EOS/BTC and cash in on the difference. On Bittrex you might be more lucky with this feature.

3.12 Stop-loss

In theory this is a good feature as it can minimise you losses. Basically this acts as a stop when your signal’s price goes down instead of up. By stopping you out you avoid getting stuck with bags. So from a risk/reward perspective you’d think this would be a great idea.

However if you set up a bot that buys a lot of signals and the market suddenly changes due to an increase or decrease of BTC, almost all your coins will turn red and the stop-loss would be hit after every new buy. Sometimes signals go red for hours before turning green and also these would be stopped out before they turn profitable.

So if you use this feature set it low enough, it’s not uncommon for signals to drop 5% or more and still become profitable.

So we shouldn’t manage our risk? Of course we do but the way I have set it up is I buy small amounts of lots of different coins to spread the risk. If one coin drops 10% it will hardly affect the rest of bot or it’s profitability. And when serious market changes occur I always step in to manually handle things and intervene.

3.13 Trailing stop-loss & Arm trailing stop-loss at

This feature alone makes this bot worthwhile. To understand it I refer to this article from Cryptohopper:How to Profit from a Trailing Stop Loss in an Altcoin Bull Market.
 Around the beginning of December we began a change in the mood of the overall altcoin cryptocurrency

Basically it’s a stop-loss but a smart stop-loss it only get’s triggered when a certain profit % is reached and will keep trailing the current price.

For example if you have a trailing stop loss of 2% that’s getting triggered when price reaches 5% it means that if price moves up to 8% your stop loss will also follow, and will be a 2% drop from the current 8% gain.

The “arm trailing stop-loss” is basically the % at which you want it to trigger. If that threshold is crossed this relative stop-loss kicks in.

I use this all the time. I set a “trailing-stop” loss trigger around 2% in a slow market around 3% to 5% in good market conditions. The stop-loss will move from 0.3% to 2% depending on again market conditions. You need to experiment with these settings to find what works best for the moment.

Most of the time it’s armed at 4% with a trailing stop of 2%.

3.14 Reset stop-loss after failed orders

This is useful because it will remove the trigger from your coin if somehow “trailing stop-loss” failed, so it’ll revert back to the normal profit taking until the threshold is triggered again.

3.15 Only sell with profit

This is something you should always turn on. I can’t think of why you wouldn’t do it to be honest unless you rather not have red coins at all. This feature prevents a “trailing stop-loss” to sell at a loss.

3.16 Trailing stop-buy

Basically it’s the opposite of a “trailing stop-loss”. This would follow the price downward and trigger when a certain predefined percentage of upward movement is reached and make a buy at that point.

Backtesting I couldn’t significantly improve the outcome activating this feature. I haven’t done enough real-life testing to comment on it but it should probably be used in combination with “Dollar Cost Averaging” for optimal results.

3.17 Hold assets when new target is the same

If this is enabled and your coin is let’s say at 1.9% and you have set a percentage profit at 1.8% but a new buy for this coin comes in it will not be sold because the expectation is the price will rise more.

I have this enabled.

3.18 Only buy when there are positive pairs

Only buy if coins have shown a positive change % in 24 hours.

I also enable this one

3.19 Auto close positions within time

I guess it’s pretty obvious wha this does, it closes positions that have been open for too long. I personally don’t use this as I monitor these manually and close manually if I think that it would be a good idea.

If your bot has enough liquidity (in this context, enough base currency to buy) you don’t need to close out of positions as often as when you don’t get new buys because all your money is locked up in open orders.

When I see I’m missing out on buy signals I close out the old open positions that aren’t profitable if not I just leave it as is.

I don’t use this feature. I would use it if let’s say I was on vacation without the ability to monitor the account.

3.20 Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA)

This is a great way to get rid of bags. Let’s say you buy 1 coin X at $90 and the price of bitcoin drops to $45, you’re at a 50% loss. Dollar cost averaging would now trigger and buy 3 times this coin X at $45.

So now you have spend $45×3 + your initial $90 and you end up with 4 coins. This means your average cost per coin now is ($45×3 + $90)/4 or $56.25 you’re loss is now $56.25 -$45 = $11.25 per coin instead of $45 per coin.

This means if the market goes up to $56.11 you’ll be break-even no need to sweat it out till $90. However if the market keeps going down you have increased your bag size 4 times.

I personally like to do my own dollar cost averaging manually when I think it would make sense.

You can do this directly from the dashboard under bulk actions. This way you have more control over it.

As you can see you can do other useful things here apart from “Create DCA orders” like putting positions “On hold” (prevent them from selling off at the “percentage profit” or by the “trailing stop” or “sell signal”).

You can merge orders when you have two of the same positions you can select both and hit “Merge positions”. This will create 1 position and recalculates the price based on the price and size of your two positions.

The opposite is “Split positions”. Can be handy if you want to sell for example a signal bought position at target 1 and let the rest ride for target 2.

You can also set all “Set percentage profit” for your selections.

Remove positions removes them from the dashboard for selling but does not sell them, you can find the removed positions under “CURRENT ASSETS” when you hit the “Synchronize” button.

Of course “Sell positions” sells your positions.

3.21 Max open time sell/buy

give my bot 30 minutes to sell and 15 minutes to buy. Experiment with these settings to find what works for you.

3.22 Max open positions

Don’t exaggerate with this because the more positions you have the more time the bot needs to go over all these open positions and the longer each run takes. I cap this at 35 max also because I still want to be able to see visually on 1 screen how my coins are doing.

3.24 Max percentage open positions per coin

Determines the maximum number of open positions allowed per coin.

It’s expressed as a % of the max open positions. So imagine you have 20 open positions and you set 10 in this field. You will 20 * 10/100 = 2 open positions per coin!
 If you have 60 coins and you set 5, you will have 60 * 5/100 = 3 open positions per coin

3.25 Percentage buy amount

Determines the size of each buy order. This is also expressed as a % of the Maximum BTC amount allocated. So let’s say you allocate 0.5 BTC for your bot to trade with.

If you fill in 10 in this field you will get orders of 0.05 BTC each.
 If fill in 20 you would have 0.5 * 20/100 = 0.1 BTC
 If you fill in 5 you would have 0.5 * 5/100 = 0,025 BTC

So in order to calculate the % you need to fill in you need to take your desired buy order size and multiply by 100 and divide it buy the Maximum BTC amount allocated

If you want order sizes of 0.01 BTC each we do:
 0.01*100/0.5 = 2

Conclusion: If we fill in 2 into the field for Percentage buy amount we will get orders of 0.01 BTC each.

3.26 Minimum BTC amount per order

Determines the minimum amount for every buy order/position. If ‘Percentage buy amount’ is not used (left blank), this sets the value of each buying position. For example if you would not set the Maximum BTC amount allocated in other words if you want at all time all of your BTC used for opening trades and you’d use this field to set the minimum order size.

3.27 Maximum BTC amount allocated

The maximum amount the bot may use from your total assets. For example if you have 1 BTC you can enter 0.5 if you only want the bot to use 0.5 BTC of your 1 BTC.

NOTE: This limit does not apply to signals they can and will overwrite it, and can possibly use up all of your bitcoin!

4. Templates

You can save your configurations and test out other configs by saving them as templates. Click on the gear icon

in the upper right corner of your hopper.

Save your settings as templates

5. Triggers

Triggers can be used to monitor certain conditions and the take action depending on that condition.

I for example use it to monitor sudden increases or drops in BTC vs USDT.

There are several ways to achieve this. You could work with RSI, checking when BTC enters oversold areas, this way you can act before the actual drop

Unfortunately RSI based triggers don’t seem to always trigger when they’re supposed to due to different implementation of RSI on for example Tradingview and Cryptohopper.

This is a trigger that triggers when btc goes up. It monitors the BTCUSDT rate and when it goes up by 3% for a candle size of 30 minutes it will disable buying and send me an email. You could do the same for BTC going down by using a minus in front of the % value.

6. Popular TA strategies

USDT strategy

Fiat Fury :

To be added manually


Buying Off
 • Market: BTCUSDT
 • Candle size: 5 minutes
 • Indicator: RSI
 • Trigger when RSI is: greater or equal to 78
 • RSI period: 14 (default)
 • Actions: Set buying status disabled & Set percentage profit to 0.15
 • Cool down period: 4 hours

Buying On
 • Market: BTCUSDT
 • Candle size: 5 minutes
 • Indicator: RSI
 • Trigger when RSI is: less or equal to 24
 • RSI period: 14 (default)
 • Actions: Set buying status enabled
 • Cool down period: 12 hours

ETH strategy

BTC strategy

Multi base currency strategy (ETH/USD/BNB/BTC)

More strategies:

Register Cryptohopper (FREE Trail): click here

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