FaucetHub – Quick Start guide

FaucetHub is a microwallet service, a smart solution for those who use a large number of different faucets. In most cases, payouts are instant. Link your Bitcoin address in the FaucetHub account and use this address for registration on faucets.

1. Bitcoin address

In order to register on FaucetHub you will need a Bitcoin address (it’s a hash – a long string with a set of letters and numbers). Use any cryptocurrency wallet application to create one. If you don’t know which application to choose, you can create a bitcoin wallet on Binance or Coinbase for a quick start. In the future, you can use different services and have an unlimited number of Bitcoin addresses.

2. Registration

Link to Sign up – https://faucethub.io/signup

You need to create a username, specify e-mail (2 times), Bitcoin address and password. Please use a complex password that is not repeated on other sites.

3. Dashboard

You can go to the address linking or personal account settings from the menu at the top of the control panel. The main part of the page displays information about balance of the each cryptocurrency supported by the service. There is a list of all payments for the current day at the bottom of the page.

4. How to link a cryptocurrency address

You can control your linked addresses in the Wallet Addresses section (add a new one or delete an existing one). By default, the address used during registration will be already linked to your account. You can use it for authorization on all faucets which work with FaucetHub.

If you want to link another Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency address, fill out the form at the top of the page (specify address and currency type) and click the green button Link this address.

Important note: use only one Bitcoin address on each faucet. Using multiple addresses is prohibited by faucet rules, and FaucetHub may block your account because of this.

To delete an address, click Unlink next to the selected address in the list. This will unlink the address from the FaucetHub account, but you can continue to use it outside the service.

5. How to withdraw funds

Click Withdraw in the top menu of the control panel and select the desired currency. The example shows the withdrawal of Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

On the opened page select the linked address to which you want to withdraw cryptocurrency and specify the amount to the right of the address. After that, click the green Submit Withdraw Request button. The fee depends on the amount, you can find it out by clicking the link in the middle of the form.

Please pay attention to the withdrawal rules and the minimum amount – at the time of writing this article it was 0.0002 BTC (20,000 satoshi).

After confirming the withdrawal your transaction will appear in the list at the bottom of the page and you will be able to track it.

Now your can work with all faucets which support FaucetHub payments.

Top Faucethub Crypto Faucets


Bitcoin Faucet every 0min
Referral Program: 25% Referral Commission

PTC Bitcoin every 0min
Referral Program: 10% from you referral surfing earnings
5% from your referral advertisement spendings

Multi-Faucet every 5min
Referral Program: 25% Referral Commission

Bitcoin Faucet every 60min
Referral Program: 10% Referral Commission

Bitcoin Faucet every 5min
Referral Program: 50% Referral Commission

Bitcoin Faucet every 60min
Referral Program: 10% Referral Commissioin

Top Faucethub Crypto Games

Contract Miner

Bitcoin Faucet Game
Referral Program: 25% Referral Commission

Bitcoin/Dogecoin Faucet Game
Referral Program: 25% from Referrals Profit + 15% from in-game Purchases

Bitcoin Faucet Game
Referral Program: 25% Referral Commission

Bitcoin Faucet Game
Referral Program: Earn 20% from every Faucet claim and 10% for every completed Shortlink or Offerwall task !
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