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Brave Browser

Brave browser

Get rewarded for browsing the web

Enjoy faster browsing and earn Free BAT tokens

The NEW Brave browser blocks ads and trackers that slow down and invade your privacy.  Discover a new way of thinking about how the web can work.

Foto Brave Browser

Why the Brave Browser?

Browse up to 3x faster

Block ads & Trackers that follow you around

Get rewarded for browsing

Blocking harmful ads and trackers means a faster internet

Brave loads major news sites up to six times faster than Chrome, Safari and Firefox on mobile and desktop


Browse much more privately with Tor*

Other browsers claim to have a “private mode”, but the only hides your history from others using your browser.  Brave lets you use Tor right in a tab.  Tor not only hides your history, it masks your location from the sites you visit by routing your browsing through several servers before it reaches your destination.  These connections are encrypted to increase anonymity.

Brave for Mobile

Brave is avaiable as a fast, free, secure web browser for your mobile devices.  Complete with a built-in ad blocker that prevents tracking and provides security protection with optimized data and battery performance.

foto rewards brave browser