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What is PixelTap by Pixelverse?

Pixeltap by Pixelverse: An Overview

Pixeltap by Pixelverse is a noteworthy Telegram clicker game with a clean interface. While the utility of its token remains uncertain, the game’s solid structure and its association with the reputable web3 gaming platform, Pixelverse, suggest legitimacy. Pixelverse, known for its innovative web3 games, recently launched Pixeltap, adding to its portfolio.

Pixeltap is a mini-app on Telegram developed by Pixelverse. It allows users, or players, to earn points that will eventually convert into the $Pixfi token upon its launch. Unlike many other clicker games on Telegram that promise future earnings, Pixeltap appears more promising and well-organized.

Key Features of PixelTap

  • Earn: Claim points every 8 hours or by tapping on the coin icon.
  • Fight: Engage in PvP battles to earn more points by upgrading your pet.
  • Invite: Earn additional points by referring friends. You get 5% of direct referrals’ earnings and 1% from their referrals.
  • Top: See the top referrers.
  • Tasks: Complete tasks for extra points, such as following social media handles or signing up on the Pixelverse website.
  • Airdrop: Currently, there is no official launch date for the $Pixfi token. Players are encouraged to play, engage in battles, and accumulate points in anticipation of the token’s launch.


My Take on Pixeltap's Legitimacy

From my experience, Pixeltap is a solid and unique clicker game. Unlike typical clicker games that focus solely on tapping, Pixeltap offers various activities to earn in-game coins, enhancing its appeal. Pixelverse, the platform behind Pixeltap, is a known entity in the web3 gaming space, adding credibility to the game.


  • The need to check in every 8 hours to claim points can be tedious.
  • The dashboard can be confusing, and earning points is challenging unless you engage in PvP battles and upgrade your pet.


Pixeltap by Pixelverse stands out in the crowded field of Telegram clicker games. While it shares some common features with other games, its unique approach and the reputation of Pixelverse make it a promising contender. Though the crypto world is unpredictable, Pixeltap shows potential for long-term value. Get involved, have fun, and accumulate points to secure a better position for future crypto rewards.