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Online Cryptocurrency Mining Simulator

Up 5 Years, 4.5 Million reg. users

Play Games, Build up Mining Power, complete various challenges and mini-games and start earning FREE Crypto like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, ect.

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What is Rollercoin?

RollerCoin is an online virtual mining simulator game that allows players to earn real cryptocurrencies by simulating the process of cryptocurrency mining. In the game, players create and manage their own mining farms, complete various challenges and mini-games, and compete against other players to increase their mining power. The game’s goal is to accumulate as much cryptocurrency as possible, which can then be withdrawn or used within the game’s ecosystem. RollerCoin provides an engaging way for users to learn about cryptocurrency mining and earn digital assets in a fun and interactive manner.

Play Mini Games

Choose from 12 different Games

Complete Daily, Weekly and Season Quests

Complete Quests and Earn Season Tokens (RST)

Build up your Mining Farm

Miners generate passive income 24/7

Withdraw your Cryptocurrency

Withdraw Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Tron, Biance Coin or Solana

1. Play Mini Games

You can choose from 12 different mini-games, each with its own difficulty level. Easier games provide less power compared to the more challenging ones.

If you win 10 mini-games, your power will last for 3 days. Winning 30 games extends your power for 5 days, and winning 60 games extends it for 7 days. You need to play at least 1 mini-game per day to maintain your power duration.

Best Paying Games are: Crypto Hamster, Token Blaster, Cryptonoid and Lambo Rider.

2. Complete Daily, Weekly and Season Quests

Play mini-games, complete tasks, and earn Season Tokens (RST) or RTL. Use Season Tokens to purchase parts for merging your miners or to buy miners from the Season Store.  With RTL, you can access the Market to purchase miners, parts, and batteries from other players.

3. Build up your Mining Farm

Players acquire miners through gameplay and tasks and can upgrade (merge) them to increase their mining power. Each miner contributes to the player’s overall mining capacity, which determines the amount of cryptocurrency they can earn. Miners automatically generate earnings based on their power and efficiency, which players can then use to further enhance their mining operations or trade on the in-game market.

You can select which cryptocurrency to mine. Choose from Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Tron, Solana, and Binance Coin.  You can adjust it every 12 Hours, and you can mine multiply coins at the same time.

4. Merge Miners

One of the most exciting and rewarding features of RollerCoin is the ability to merge miners. Merging miners allows you to combine two identical miners to create a more powerful version, boosting your mining power and increasing your earnings. Here’s a detailed look at how merging works in RollerCoin.

Understanding Miners

In RollerCoin, miners are the core components of your mining setup. Each miner has a specific mining power, contributing to your overall hash rate. The higher your hash rate, the more rewards you can earn from mining various cryptocurrencies.

The Merging Process

Merging miners in RollerCoin is a straightforward process that can significantly enhance your mining efficiency. Here’s how it works:

  1. Gather Identical Miners: To merge miners, you first need two identical miners. These miners must be the same model and level. For example, if you have two “RollerMiner V1” units, you can merge them.

  2. Navigate to the Mining Room: Go to your mining room where all your miners are placed. Select the miners you wish to merge.

  3. Initiate the Merge: Click on the merge button. This will combine the two selected miners into a single, more powerful miner.

  4. Enhanced Miner: The newly merged miner will have a higher mining power compared to the individual miners you had before. This increases your total hash rate and, consequently, your potential mining rewards.

Benefits of Merging Miners

  • Increased Mining Power: Merging increases the mining power of your equipment, allowing you to mine more efficiently.
  • Space Management: Merging helps in managing space better in your mining room by reducing the number of individual miners.
  • Higher Earnings: With more powerful miners, you can earn more rewards from mining operations.

Strategic Tips

  • Plan Your Mergers: Carefully plan which miners to merge for maximum efficiency. Sometimes it might be better to wait and upgrade other miners first.
  • Upgrade Wisely: Ensure that the cost of merging justifies the increase in mining power. It’s crucial to balance investment and returns.
  • Stay Updated: RollerCoin frequently updates with new miners and features, so keep an eye out for new opportunities to optimize your mining setup.

Merging is a powerful feature in RollerCoin that allows you to enhance your mining capabilities and maximize your rewards. By strategically merging miners, you can take your virtual mining operation to new heights. Dive in, start merging, and watch your crypto earnings grow!

4. Merge Parts

Understanding Mining Parts

Mining parts in RollerCoin are the individual components that make up a miner. These parts can be collected through various in-game activities, events, rewards and can be bought in the Marketplace. Each part contributes to the miner’s overall performance, and merging these parts is key to creating high-powered mining equipment.

The Merging Process

Merging parts in RollerCoin involves combining lower-level parts to create a higher-level part. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to merge parts:

  1. Collect Parts: Participate in mini-games, complete missions, and engage in events to collect various mining parts. You can also purchase parts from the in-game shop.

  2. Access the Inventory: Go to your inventory where all your collected parts are stored. You will see the different types and levels of parts you have.

  3. Select Parts to Merge: Choose the parts you want to merge. Typically, you will need a certain number of identical parts to merge them into a higher-level part. For example, 50 Level 1 parts can be merged to create one Level 2 part.

  4. Merge the Parts: Click on the merge button to combine the selected parts. The newly created part will have improved attributes compared to the original parts.

  5. Equip Your Miners: Use the merged parts to upgrade your miners, enhancing their mining power and efficiency.

5. RollerTap (Telegram Earning App)

How to Play:

💸Tap to Mine: Tap the screen to collect Roller Community Coins (RCC).

📈Level Up: Upgrade your tap level to supercharge your coin yield.

🔥Collect & Upgrade: Gather unique cards and upgrade them to maximize your profits and dominate the leaderboard.

Friends and Earn More: +2000 RCC for both you and your friend, and
+25000 RCC for a Friend from Telegram Premium! Moreover, you will
receive 1% of each of your referral’s profits!

RollerTap reach 1,000,000 players, RollerTap will be connected to
Rollercoin, and RCC Tokens will be accepted as payment for RLT!

🎉 Milestone 1: Once we reach 1 million players, we’ll connect RollerTap to Rollercoin, making RCC Tokens your new gateway to RLT transactions. 🚀

🎉 Milestone 2: The excitement builds as hitting 3 million players will see our coin listed oon a major d-exchanges!📈