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Electroneum teams up with Blockchain Heroes and ventures into the world of NTFs

Experts predicted that by the end of this year, the NTF sector would have grown by 50% to $315 million

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are relatively new in the crypto and blockchain space but are rapidly gaining traction, particularly among gamers. Cryptokitties, one of the world’s first blockchain games with over 1.5 million users, is credited with taking NFTs to the mainstream three years ago.

NFTs are the digital version of traditional trading cards, such as the very popular baseball and football players’ cards that in mint condition are worth up to $200,000. The difference is NFTs exist only on the blockchain.

“Unlike traditional collectible trading cards, items created on the blockchain (such as NFTs) provide important benefits,” said the co-founder of Blockchain Heroes Joel Comm. “These advantages include transparent sales and trading history, immutable ownership records, provable scarcity, and unique minting identification numbers with each card.”

In May 2020, the Topps Trading Cards company released their Garbage Pail Kids trading cards in digital format on the WAX blockchain. The cards sold out in less than 28 hours and are now in great demand among collectors in a secondary market. In September, experts predicted that the nascent NFT industry would grow by up to 50% this year and hit $315 million.

Electroneum enters NTF sector

Today, Electroneum marks its involvement in this ground-breaking digital collectibles sector by teaming-up with Blockchain Heroes at a time when the public response to non-fungible tokens has been overwhelming.

We're very pleased to be working with Blockchain Heroes to release our very first, limited edition trading card of Electroman," said Electroneum Marketing Manager Jonathan Marriott. "Electroman was created by AnyTasker Neto Robatto to, an incredible Brazilian artist who charged just $70 USD to sketch, illustrate, colourize, and animate the NFT."

Mr. Marriott explained the goal of working with Blockchain Heroes is not only to raise awareness for this incredibly exciting sector but to highlight the ease with which fans of collectibles can begin to create their very own NFTs with the help of AnyTask freelancers like Neto Robatto.

“Not only are we helping to raise awareness for the NFT space, but we’re showcasing how simple it can be for anyone to get involved, starting with the amazing talents of freelancers around the world found at,” he said.

What are the Blockhain Heroes?

Blockchain Heroes™ is a collectible trading card set featuring blockchain and crypto-inspired characters created by Joel Comm and Travis Wright, hosts of the popular Bad Crypto Podcast boasting over 9 million downloads. The collection of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) is available exclusively on the WAX blockchain.

Joel and Travis launched Blockchain Heroes™ in August with 50 unique superheroes in a variety of card rarities. Each pack of cards comes with the chance to reveal common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary, or mythic versions of any hero increasing in rarity, each with its unique design, Joel explained.

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Blockchain Heroes™ is a creative and humorous parody of personalities emerging in the crypto world, presented as the superheroes they might be in an alternate universe. The back of the cards will feature text describing each hero’s superpower.

From traditional trading cards to NFTs

NFT series such as Blockchain Heroes and Splinterlands are paving the way for this new phenomenon. Physical trading cards have been hugely popular for decades, and the rarest of those cards will surely continue rising in value.  

The most expensive physical card on record is that of US baseball player Honus Wagner’s, according to an article by One37PM with the 16 most expensive trading cards. These cards will inevitably remain locked up and out of view, protected from the elements. But imagine a future when trading cards are distributed and traded on the blockchain, ensuring not only their legitimacy but a life-long perfection that doesn’t age with time or use. 

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Imagine a digital Charizard, extremely limited in numbers, with which you can interact infinitely, showcasing its famous attacks to your friends and family without fear of damaging your prized possession.

"Electroneum is incredibly excited to get involved at ground level," Jonathan Marriott said. “Whilst the big players await their entry into this exciting and fascinating new space, why not get involved yourself and start your very own series of NFTs with the help of Neto and many other artists, found at," he concluded. 

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