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Update Rollercoin: Event Pass

Rollercoin Update: Event Pass

Hey Rollers!

Our players have sent us many questions about Event Pass, so we will describe every little thing about the Pass in this article!

Event Pass is the event, which allows players to RECEIVE REWARDS for COMPLETING WEEKLY TASKS. Participating in the event is free.

When you complete a TASK from weekly quests, or make a daily login, you receive Experience Points(XP).

Every Level requires 100 XP to finish and to claim the reward. When you reach 100 XP, you can claim the first reward of the Pass.

As soon as you’ve completed LVL 1, you start to accumulate the next 100 XP to reach LVL 2. You achieve 100 more XP and are ready to claim the reward of the LVL 2. The Event Pass has total of 20 Levels.

The player that plays for free and doesn’t upgrade the Pass can gain XP and claim all free rewards in the Pass.

Players that purchase an UPGRADE of the Event Pass for 149,99 RLT, have an opportunity to get free rewards AND premium rewards by the LVL of the Event Pass they achieve.

Players that have an upgraded Event Pass, and want to receive ALL REWARDS INSTANTLY, without completing tasks, can click the button “Get all rewards now“. It costs 199,99 RLT, and the player receives every single Pass reward without the need to gain XP and reach Levels.

Players that clicked on “Get all rewards now” are able to get all rewards instantly again up to 5 times, but with an increased price. Everytime the player claims all rewards again, it costs 50 RLT more.

The price progression:

– 149.99 RLT (Event Pass purchase)
– 199,99 RLT (Claim All Rewards)
– 399,99 RLT (Claim All Rewards again)
– 449,99 RLT (Claim all rewards again X2)
– 499,99 RLT (Claim all rewards again X3)
– 549,99 RLT (Claim all rewards again X4)
– 599,99 RLT (Claim all rewards again X5)

Nevertheless the increase of the price, the claim all rewards is still beneficial, because the sum of all items of the event pass costs 1295,99 RLT!

Weekly Tasks

The weekly tasks is a list of actions that gives you XP after completing it.

Every 7 days, we update the list of tasks. The timer, before the list will be updated, is mentioned on top of the list.

The task has a progress bar. For example, the task requires you to play 25 games. Once you have completed the game, the progress bar has filled a bit more and you are closer to finishing this task. After you have played 25 games, you are ready to claim the reward!

Another example – watch the Youtube video. Click on the button, and it will lead you to Youtube. Watch the video till the end and get back to the game, the XP reward will be claimed already!

Daily Visits

Visit the RollerCoin site everyday, and you will see this:

On the bottom, you will see the reward that you can claim for visiting the game today. Click Collect and claim it!

Visit the game tomorrow and claim the next reward!

We want to say thanks to our community for providing a lot of feedback! With your observation and comments, we will make new Seasons even better and much more interesting!

Cheers, Rollers

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